Monday, January 23, 2017

top things to do in sharm

Cairo by bus one day

When you come to Sharm there is one excursion, which is a must... This to go and see the wonderful city of Cairo. This is where you get the chance to see one of the last remaining wonders of the world, which of course are the the great Pyramids and the Spinx of Giza.

Camel ride, bedouin dinner and star gazing

A wonderful day in the desert and one of the best ways to explore the arid yet scenic landscape of Sharm El Sheikh. 4 things to do in one trip... ride a camel, have the bedouin dinner, watch the fantastic show and discover the sky by professional telescopes..

Overnight in the desert, bedouin dinner and star gazing

Explore Sinai desert by an overnight under a beautiful clear sky with the view of millions of stars, with the chance to see lots of objects in the sky.. planets and stars through professional. Have a very delicious bedouin dinner, see the sunrise early morning followed by camel riding..

Safari excursions quad biking

2 hours quad bike excursion in sinai desert, takes you riding across the sands. Explore crags and dunes along the sands... escape from Egypt’s bustling cities. A fantastic adventure that all the family can enjoy.

Ras Mohamed V.I.P boat trip

A fantastic boat ride to the beautiful National Park of Ras Mohammed to snorkel and enjoy the stunning sea life and corals of the Red Sea... with three different stops for snorkeling

Tiran island V.I.P boat trip

A fantastic V.I.P boat trip to Tiran Island.. one of the best locations for snorkeling and exploring the stunning sea life of the red sea with three different stops for snorkeling..

Swimming With Dolphins Excursion

This is an opportunity to swim with these intelligent animals. You will spend a 15 minutes or half an hour in a pool with dolphins playing and swimming. Enjoying their company and experiencing unforgettable feelings of coming close to the nature

Intro diving ( Scuba Diving )

A whole day on a boat to Ras Mohamed or Tiran Island for a fantastic time with a stop for diving plus two more stops for snorkeling. it is the best excursion to explore the stunning sea life of the Red Sea.

Seascope semi submarine excursion

Take a round tour under the water for an amazing time to see how beautiful is the Red Sea by the colourful fishes, corals and reefs from the comfort of an air-conditioned circular armchair

Dolhpin show excursion

An excursion showcases dolphins, which are beautiful and clever animals. With the help of talented handlers the dolphins perform tricks, dance, sing and even paint! It is suitable for the whole family

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