Monday, January 23, 2017

red sea

The Red Sea coast runs from the Gulf of Suez, and the many mountain ranges inspired the mariners of antiquity to name it the "Sea Mare Rostrum", or the Red Sea.
Main islands along the coast include:
Qamar, AI-Fanadir, Abu Ramada, Om Gaweesh, Small Seoul lands
The Red Sea region has a lot of Pharonic and Roman antiquities. Pharonic inscriptions were found in Wadi Elhaamat and Um El Fawageer, which are located 235 Km south of Hurghada.
Ruins of the temple of Dokhan:
A Greco roman temple which is located 65 Km north of Hurghada 


Hurghada lies 500 Km from Cairo and is famous for its magnificent summer and winter climate. Click here for more information about this resort city.


Safaga is to be found 65 Km south of Hurghada. A marine port, connected by a cruise shuttle service line with Jordan and Saudi Arabia, Safaga city is considered an extremely important centre as special medical researches helps contribute to the potential of attracting international tourism to Safaga...


It is 80 Km south of Safaga and is an excellent site for camping. Recently, several hotels of different categories have been established. Tourists can practise water sports. It is an important port for exporting phosphate, and is connected to Qena city by a road that is 220 Km long.

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