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secret of the pyramids

8 Greatest Mysteries About Pyramids
1The Great Pyramid Actually Has Eight Sides
In 1940, a British aviator happened upon a strange sight: the Great Pyramid of Egypt looked to be concave at the sides, making for a total of eight equal sides. After some investigation, it was revealed that this phenomenon only happens during the sunrise and sunset of the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes. Why? Why can this only be seen from above? Who knows.
2. Incan, Mayan and Egyptian Symmetrical Insanity
It’s widely known that one of the main characteristics of Egyptian art, construction and culture is the persistent appearance of symmetry. Everything is exactly symmetrical on both sides, and this does not exclude the construction of pyramids. In fact, the Great Pyramid is located at the exact center of the Earth, and it points True North more accurately than any other structure ever built before or since then. What was the significance of this? What kind of energy were they trying to channel, what knowledge was behind this?
3. Pyramid Telepathy
This one’s probably been bugging you for a while. How on Earth did the Mayans, Inca, Cambodians, Chinese, Indonesian, Egyptians and Bosnian Illyrians manage to make similar structures at the same time on their respective locationsHow on Earth did the Mayans, Inca, Cambodians, Chinese, Indonesian, Egyptians and Bosnian Illyrians manage to make similar structures at the same time on their respective locations? Is there really such a thing as a Hive Mind? Are we all connected? These are the real questions.
4. Giant Tombs with No Corpses
The Egyptian Pyramids, for one, were initially built as tombs for the Pharaohs… but no mummies have been found in the ones explored, so what really was the purpose of building these things? And why are there so many with empty spaces fit to fit tombs but containing no burial items or sarcophagi?
5. Unexplored Underground Passages and Secret Rooms
Sonar and radar technology has found secret rooms and underground passages in pyramids that haven’t been explored yet. Why, world? It’s 2015 and there are questions we need answered, dang it!
6. African Looking Artifacts Found in South America
Since there are already so many similarities in architecture, could South American and Hindu ancient civilizations have interacted with Ancient Egypt? Technically, it would have been impossible to reach the Mayans, but there is a theory that Mansa Musa actually did travel through the Atlantic, and some ancient artifacts found in Mexico actually resemble the African people, which can’t be possible unless they’d seen them, and the mystery doesn’t just swing one way, because…
7. Traces of Coca Leaves and Tobacco Found in Egyptian Mummies
Coca leaves and nicotine, which were used for a variety of things in ancient South American civilizations, were actually found in Egyptian mummies, and there is no concrete way how given the fact that these two specific things can only be found in the Americas. So going back to the theory of Egyptians sailing the Atlantic, reaching South America and actually communicating about their similar beliefs, how?
8. You Knew it Was Coming. Pyramids Were Built For/By Aliens
This mystery is a far-fetched theory that is actually quite widely discussed. Chinese, Egyptian, Inca, Mayan, Illyrian, Indonesian and Cambodian ancient civilizations all believed that their God(s) came down from the sky to instruct them to build pyramids, and this instance is even seen in the western religions. But there is a fairly popular theory that it was actually extraterrestrial life that these cultures communicated with. They are, after all, considered the most intelligent people of their time, so it could be that they engaged with possibly even higher intelligence. What kind of communication did they share? Just how much did they know? It’s impossible to tell.

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