Monday, January 23, 2017

things to do in Hurghada

Snorkeling Trip to Mahmya with Lunch

Hurghada's coast has a lot to offer, from crystalline blue water to a diverse range of fish and reefs for you to explore. Enjoy a boat journey to the picturesque Mahmya Beach at Giftun Island and spend the day swimming in its warm waters, walk along the stretches of white sand, or just sunbathe.
Leave the city behind and head out on a day trip to Mahmya Beach. Feel the warmth of the sun and the marine breeze on your skin as you cruise to the southern shores of Giftun Island National Park and the Mahmya protected area. Admire the beautiful landscapes as you moor in the pristine bay waters and take a small boat ashore.
Venture for a walk along the stretches of sandy beach or partake in a game of beach volleyball before hopping in the water to explore the coral reefs, seeing the marine inhabitants that make them their home. Snorkel on the surface of the waves or discover the depths of the bay with some scuba diving—the choice is yours. Just don't miss the opportunity to see the colors of the Red Sea's reefs.

Submarine Underwater Cruise

Dive beneath the waves and discover the underwater world of the Red Sea from the comfort of a submarine. Take a seat and descend to see the wide array of marine life that makes the coral reefs their home, all with narration from your expert guide.
Climb aboard the submersible and cruise out into the Red Sea, famous worldwide for its superb scuba diving and snorkeling. Keep dry while still admiring the wonderful inhabitants beneath the surface. Descend to depths of 13 feet (4 m) as you get up close and personal with the beauty of the reef.
Marvel at the hive of activity and the diversity of life that lives on the reef as you observe vivid colors, psychedelic patterns, and random shapes as you spend 90 minutes visiting a fanciful natural environment. Benefit from your guide's expertise as you help identify different species and learn more about the delicate habitat.

4x4 Safari with Bedouin Barbecue Dinner at Sunset

Hit the off-road trails as you journey into the Red Sea Hills for an evening in a Bedouin village. Cruise with ease over challenging terrain before you climb aboard a camel for a more traditional ride. As you dig into a tasty meal, admire the deep oranges of the sun setting in the distance.
Leave the city lights behind and motor out over soft sand dunes, rocky trails, and dusty plains as you take a 4x4 out to the Red Sea Hills. As you pull up in a Bedouin village, hear from your guide how these nomadic desert folk have developed customs and culture to fit the harsh environment they inhabit.
Next, try boarding a "ship of the desert" as you get to grips with the original Bedouin mode of travel—the camel.
As the sun begins to dip beneath the horizon, savor the smells of grilling food on the barbecue before settling in. Admire the beautiful sunset as the light catches the rocky features around you, and revel in some lively entertainment before you head back to the city.

Quad Biking, Camel Ride & Bedouin Barbecue at Sunset

Take an adventurous trip out into the Egyptian desert aboard a quad bike and enjoy a sociable evening in a Bedouin village. Sample the nomadic traveling of old on an authentic camel ride before relaxing with a tasty barbecue as local performers take to the stage for the evening's entertainment.
Climb aboard your quad bike on the edge of the desert and follow your guide out into the wilderness. Zip over the challenging terrain with ease as you negotiate soft sand, rocky paths, and towering dunes.
Next, exchange your motorized transport for something more traditional as you mount your "ship of the desert" and witness the camel's ability to cross the demanding landscape.
Arrive at a charming Bedouin village and hear about the history of these nomadic desert dwellers. As the smells of the barbecue waft around the village, gaze out upon the beautiful setting sun and the rocky mountains catching the evening light, and settle down to watch as the musicians and belly dancers put on an exotic show.

Fantasia Show at Alf Leila Wa Leila with Private Transfers

Immerse yourself in a folkloric evening show with Egyptian dances in an old Arabic palace. Settle into stadium seating and be dazzled by acrobatics on horseback before witnessing traditional belly dancers and Tanoura dances.
Begin your evening with a private transfer from your hotel to one of the oldest Arabic palaces, Alf Leila Wa Leila. Hear about the history of this magnificent site and enjoy a stroll through its different departments before the show begins.

It is then time to enjoy the famous One Thousand and One Nights show. The first half of the show includes traditional belly dancing and Alexandria Sinai and Tanoura dances. The Tanoura dances are performed by Sufi men wearing long colorful skirts, each color on the skirt representing one of the orders of Sufism.
The second half of the show is held at a big stadium. Admire the vibrant and colorful Pharaonic, Nubian, and Bedouin dances followed by the famous Fantasia tribal horseback show before returning to your hotel.

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