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Beauty queen Nefertiti. Myth or Reality?

Beauty queen Nefertiti
Nefertiti name has long been associated in most people with the ideal of feminine beauty and grace. Plastic surgeons copy for their clients cuts her eyes and face shape, try to repeat the same fashionista her makeup. However, judging by the mummies found, which may belong to the great queen, her appearance was not so beautiful ...

Once many years ago, I first saw the bust of Nefertiti and was struck by her almost alien beauty. Unfortunately, while the actual information in the press was a bit - more about her husband, the famous Pharaoh Akhenaten-heretic. Now, after years, you and I can learn about it much anymore, but still very little. We do not know when and where she was born, do not know how many years she has lived and why she died. No wonder - three millennia passed since decayed papyrus scrolls, crumbled stone, disappeared without a trace of the empire, the river changed the channel, and what we know about Nefertiti is more than just a name in itself is a miracle.

She was a great queen and bore Akhenaten six daughters. Can be called names for each daughter - Meritaton, Maketaton, Anhesenpaaton, Nefernefruaton-Taschereau, and Nefernefrura Setepenra, but is a listing of names tell us something about it? Its set of statues and images adorned temples, often drew her beside her husband, often with family and even conquering the enemies of Egypt - so usually only painted themselves pharaohs. She reached the pinnacle of power in the 12th year of the reign of Akhenaten, when we read about it in the inscriptions not only as the main wife, but as a co-ruler of her royal husband. Shortly thereafter, the disease died Maketaton her daughter, and after a year or two, all references to the name of Nefertiti disappear.Has advanced version - the queen died during the plague. However, until recently, the underlying assumption was that Nefertiti just fell out of favor with the rise of one of the younger wives Kiyi Pharaoh. Historians believed opals cause the inability to give birth to an heir of Nefertiti. Follow Kiyey wife of Pharaoh was his own daughter of Nefertiti Meritaton and almost all mention of Kiyi were destroyed. Perhaps it was revenge for her mother's daughter. But Meritaton she could not give birth to a boy his father, known only mention of two daughters from this marriage. However, the assumption of attainder Nefertiti were recently denied discovery in 2012 Barely inscriptions relating '16 Akhenaten (his reign lasted 17 years), which was the following line: "The Great Pharaoh's wife, his mistress, mistress of both land (upper and lower Egypt) Neferneferuaton-Nefertiti. " This meant that the status as a great wife Nefertiti (Queen), remained firm, despite the marriage with Pharaoh Kiyey and with her own daughter. There is reason to believe that Nefertiti survived her husband and even the rules of two years under the name of Pharaoh Neferneferuaton.

With the accession to the throne heir Akhenaten Tutankhamun priesthood start out attack on the legacy of the heretic Pharaoh.Aten temples were destroyed or abandoned, mention of Akhenaten destroyed, erased inscriptions destroyed stele. Then, probably, have been desecrated or destroyed the tomb of the pharaoh and his royal wife. 

Next we are on shaky ground assumptions. What you read below is not supported by all Egyptologists. Controversial point of view, but it has a right to exist. inform you - the mummy of Nefertiti and Akhenaten found. Destruction of the inscriptions on the tombs, ritual objects - from the point of view of the priests ample revenge. After all, their names were references to the god Aton. They avenged not only Pharaoh as his god Aten, returning cult of the old gods. Destruction as mummies themselves royal personages, whose divine origin is not in doubt, unheard sacrilege even to Pharaoh-heretic. On finding the mummy of Nefertiti reported ten years ago Joanne Fletcher. Mummy was made ​​on reconstruction alleged appearance of Nefertiti. I will not talk about the violent reaction Egyptology community on this discovery. I will say that many people do not agree with it, all looking forward to the results of the DNA examination, which the Egyptian authorities have not given their consent for a long time. Only February 2010 examination was conducted, but the results of it in the media is not widely publicized. Mummy was the daughter of Amenhotep III and his wife Queen Tiyi (father and mother of Akhenaten), and mother of Tutankhamun. Most Egyptologists agreed that the mummy belongs to one of the wives of Akhenaten. These results Egyptologists interpreted differently - some see this as a confirmation that Nefertiti was the sister of her husband as her titles of confirms it, others deny her this opportunity - because Nefertiti never mentioned directly as the daughter of Amenhotep III. I tend to take in this matter the first point of view, since it is possible that one of the names of Nefertiti is still there in the list of Pharaoh's daughter - we just do not know yet that this name belongs to her. But that's not all - DNA analysis of a male of the same burial mummies showed that it belongs to the father of Tutankhamun and his son Amenhotep III, ie, it is likely Akhenaten himself! So Nefertiti still bore him a son - he was her seventh child. 
So, the most famous royal couple in the history of ancient Egypt found (with varying degrees of probability). However, in the same 2010 survey alleged mummy of Nefertiti gave another unexpected finding. Mummy was severely damaged, as was believed, tomb robbers. Attracted the attention of researchers head injury mummy - her cheeks, mouth and jaw. The study showed that the wound was inflicted during his life and has been fatal. Nefertiti was murdered. Who? Probably those who it was profitable, who put in power a minor Tutankhamun and rules instead. This dignitary Akhenaten Ay, who, after the sudden death of the young pharaoh himself became pharaoh, marrying his wife Anhesenamon (Anhesenpaaton, daughter of Nefertiti).
Story about Nefertiti could be complete at this. But studies again surprises. Well-known famous painted bust of Nefertiti, after imaging, held not long ago revealed another secret. It turned out that the stone bust, covered with a thin layer of plaster, underwent slight adjustments. Were removed wrinkles, emphasized form of the cheekbones, and the most noticeable - was reshaped nose. In the original sculptures present on the nose and a small hump easy Sedlovinka below it, making a little snub nose tip. It is these traits, we can observe an alleged mummy of Nefertiti.
All the famous sculptures of Queen were found in the workshop of Thutmose at Amarna. Typically, speaking of Nefertiti, illustrate material two most famous images - the famous bust of painted limestone and a small head of quartzite. We will be able to see a few statues of our heroine, less well-known. But that's not all. After all, you wonder if her body is as beautiful as her face?
In summer 2003, a scandal erupted. Two Hungarian artist created a bronze statue of a naked as a "model of the physical beauty of Nefertiti," as they argued over her real images on ancient reliefs. Reconstructed "body" and the famous bust of Queen were joined and exhibited in the Berlin museum. Egyptian Antiquities Service headed by Dr. Zahi Hawass said the protest, according to them is an insult to the Egyptian queen image, and treatment with a unique ancient bust was called barbarism, bordering on vandalism. Actually artists who presented the queen in the image close to the canons of modern top models clearly flattered Nefertiti. Judge for yourself as it could look like a queen, sovereign of millions of subjects, not knowing the physical effort, diet and move on palanquin? Thin shin, thigh fat, round tummy and rather big ass in this lifestyle provided. If we remember the swan neck stretched forward Nefertiti, then you can add to the portrait and still stoop. you do not like? Well, do not look at the photos and sculptures Nefertiti will not be disappointed. On one of them, the body of a young beauty, almost covered with a thin transparent fabric. But not everyone knows that there is a statue of aged, elderly Nefertiti. Time left traces on her face look tired and sad, but in spite of it all, she is still beautiful. Nefertiti - means "Lovely came." She came into this world and brought him her incredible beauty. And we have over three thousand years, still bow to her regal beauty.
 Young Lady "from KV35, the alleged mummy of Nefertiti
Color photo of a mummy
Reconstruction of the image on the mummy of Nefertiti
Results tomography limestone bust of Nefertiti
Reconstruction after the tomography image of Nefertiti bust 
German bandit looks at his offense. "So this illustration was signed in the article on the first page of the Egyptian state newspaper. Article itself is called -" Queen Nefertiti exposed in the Berlin Museum. "In fact, the body on the bronze statue was covered with a thin cloth, as well as and other real-life statues of Nefertiti.
Torso of young Nefertiti (?)
Back view
Elderly Nefertiti

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