Tuesday, October 9, 2018

chronology of ancient Egypt 

archeologists and historians  they depend on  three methods  to know  the chronology  of ancient Egypt  :
1-  stratigraphic excavandence
2- astronomical records
3- radiocarbon
We depend  on what  the ancient Egyptian left  on walls  of their temples  and their  records inside  their  grave  and  tools that  they left and by comparing  it with  what had been written  by Greeks historians  and astronomical  records  like  Palermo stone we got  more information about  history  of Egypt   predynastic and prehistory  of ancient Egyptian
actually  Palermo stone  it's  important for us because  it doesn't record  just  the name of kings and number of their years that they ruled  Egypt  but also recorded  the important  events that happened in their  years  in horizontal  tables from  prehistory  and  the united of north kingdom and  south kingdom  till the  5th dynasty  also we have  artefacts  they are  great evidence  that  gives us  great information  about  the  mysterious  of building  such  magnificent civilization  in  history .

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